Civil Engineering Division

Linden Equipment has over 30 years experience in all aspects of Earthmoving and Civil Engineering. Over the time we have owned and operated some of our own quarries, been involved with numerous Mining Companies, Government, Local Council and Private Entities. Carrying out projects such as overburden removal, winning of mining ores. Supplying and winning of quarry products such as large dimension stone, squared sandstone blocks, ripped, sawn, crushed and screened road base materials.

Contract and hourly hire in the fields of: Road building, highway overpasses, shoring and underpinning, car parks, small and medium subdivisions, slip land remediation and stabilization for small and large residential developments, through to full completion of all services, sewer, storm water, phone, and electrical and all landscaping ready for marketing stage.



SANITARY SEWER, STORM SEWER OR WATER MAIN DESIGN - Prepare plans to design size, height, depth, slope and location for servicing an existing or proposed development in accordance with all local and state codes for submittal and approval.

MUNICIPAL OR RURAL ROAD DESIGN - Prepare plans to design location, slope, types and amounts of materials to be used, curb and gutter or ditch grades, cut or fill quantities all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval

DRAINAGE PLANS - Prepare plans to design the size and depths of storm sewers, swales or ditches to adequately allow the surface water of an existing site to drain without damage to the site, adjacent sites or the environment.

SUBDIVISION PLANS - Prepare plans for proposed sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, streets with curb and gutter or roads with ditch lines, easements and lot drainage corresponding to the proposed Subdivision Plat lot layout, all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval.

COMMERCIAL SITE PLANS - Prepare a site map from an existing topographic map to show the location and elevation of proposed buildings, driveways, parking areas, utilities, drainage, walkways, easements and signage all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval.

EROSION CONTROL PLANS - Prepare plans showing erosion control methods to be used during construction to keep loose sediments or ground of disturbed areas from entering the storm sewer system or affecting the adjacent properties or roads, all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval. 

STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PLANS -  Prepare plans and narrative showing the measures to be taken to restrict the amount of water and sediment runoff allowed to leave a proposed site after improvements have been made. Typical measures include grassed swales, rain gardens, detention ponds or retention ponds, all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval.

See Some of our Projects below :

Land Development


Land Developments
34 Lot Subdivision consisting of 1 Creek crossing and numerous retaining walls, Brambston Circuit, Fishwick Canberra.

Client: Mantis Developments

Hot Mix Sealing

Hot mix sealing on completion of carpark and entrance road, Rocklea Queensland.

Client: Amacon

Steam rolling



Preparation for carpark, Beenleigh Shopping Centre Queensland.

Client: Fergus Builders

Land Development

Stripping of overburden for land subdivision, 1985 Rooty Hill NSW.

Client: Linden Homes

overburdon stripping

Stabilisation with Geo Textiles

Geo Textile Solutions

Here are some of our projects in which we have used geo textiles to stabilize ground movement.

Solving Erosion, Drainage and unstable ground problems with Geo textile fabrics. We are able to build your roads and various structures over unstable and sometimes swampy ground. Geo textile fabrics are made of artificial fibers with various petro-chemicals derivatives making them very stable for long periods of time. These Geo textiles are permeable and non permeable fabrics which when used in association with soil have the ability to separate, isolate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain certain ground environments and have an extremely high tensile strength and load bearing distribution rate.

Access road we are building over soft ground using high strength geo textile sheeting which will be placed in 3 separate layers, separation core being 300mm using 100mm minus crushed rock compacted with a smooth drum roller to 95 standard
Flexible Geo textile mattress which we are placing into a re-directed open storm water drain on one of our sub divisions, stopping earth erosion, also to be covered with two layers of large river pebbles for aesthetics
Geo textile sheeting which we are rolling out on a highway embankment we have just finished grading, stopping erosion and silt runoff being washed into storm water drains, later on to be coated with spray grass
Geotextiles Geotextiles Geotextiles

Slip Land Projects and Solutions

Examples of land slip and what is in fact happening and how we can rectify and manage the problem

Slip land or sometimes known as land creep is under many influences and contributing factors, because of its topography and geological formations, ie ( its clay shale silty nature, and its poor drainage ability) It shrinks during dry periods causing cracks, that are sometimes not visible, During rain periods water is absorbed deep into the ground , or by natural sub base vertical or horizontal hydraulic pressures soil profiles become water logged causing expansion and become very heavy , because of its natural wetting agents it also becomes very slippery giving away to gravity , hence land movement takes place. Other factors are Underground streams, rising and changing sub base water tables ,weathering and breaking down of shale substrates which convert into clay seams causing new shear or slip planes to accrue, however with today’s technology and our personal experience and knowledge we are able to stabilize slip land with various methods, although sometimes not cost effective.

We are always happy to assist and advise in this area whether it be for farm remediation, development purposes, pure necessity or emergency reasons.


Slip land Slip land Slip land

Slip Land Remediation For Land Subdivision

Below is one of our own subdivisions affected by slip and movement: location Shoalhaven. The site was a 40,000 square meter site in which we obtained approval for a 42 lot residential subdivision .12,000 m2 was effected by slip and movement.  145,000 m3 of unsuitable spoil  was stripped of down to the shear plain., a  triple layer drainage blanket was placed, the 145,000m3 of fill was replaced and compacted in 300mm layers, leaving a stable site ready for construction.

Slip land Slip land

Slip land

Coastal  Slip Remediation After Land Slip

Works for maroochydore shire council where we are using woven Geo textile and non permeable polyethylene geo-membranes  to stabilize ground movement and re direct underground water with drainage blankets, stopping any  re-occurrence of ground movement and slip in that area.  All unsatisfactory unstable ground was stripped from the failed area.  25,000m3 of fill was reclaimed a further 48,000m3 was transported in to tie in with existing ground levels.


This project took three months to complete

Tide Affected High Movement Land

Warringah shire council contracted us to stabilize an area big enough for 4 full size tennis courts .the ground was an old refilled site. All unsuitable material was removed and trimmed down to a medium. Heavy geo textile mating was placed every 300mm with fine crushed stone having a high drainage ability low clay / loam content. The engineered mattress was designed to flex and still be very robust, allowing tidal ground water to pass threw whilst leaving the flexible pavement above unchanged

Client: Warringah shire council

Slip land

Retaining solutions

Here are some of our retaining methods using some natural and man made products adding design, beauty, function and value to a project.


Sawn dimension sandstone
Preformed concrete blocks
Rough split quarry sandstone
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Retaining Wall

Hand Split Black Basalt
Rough split quarry sandstone
Flat bolder quarry stone retaining wall
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Retaining Wall

Bulk Excavations

Bulk Excavation

Bulk Excavation

Basement carpark and storage for highrise apartments, Balmain Sydney NSW.

58,000 cubic metre bulk excavation and removal of sandstone rock.   Shot-creting on eastern boundary to support unstable ground.

Client: Mulitplex

Bulk Excavation

Bulk excavation around water mains. Frame work constructed on site to support water mains. Shoring and shotcreting on North, East and South boundaries, Glebe Sydney NSW.

Client: Amacon


Shoring and Underpinning

Shoring and Underpinning

Bulk Excavation, Underpinning, Temporary and Permanent Shoring
On this particular project we had to excavate 40,000 cubic metres of sandstone rock in preparation for a high rise office block at North Sydney, where we had to pay particular attention to vibration.   

We used vibration monitoring devices so not to create damage to adjoining high rise buildings and in particular an adjoining wall which was to remain, we worked closely with Whatman demolition contractor in charge of the adjoining property demolition to place the section by section under pinning to support the boundary wall whilst we carried out the excavation. Permanent and temporary soldier beams and lagging were also used.

Client: I&M Constructions.

Bulk Excavation and Shoring
Bulk excavation of six thousand metres in soft loamy sand for a private residence and tennis court Warriewood Sydney.  Which we had to do in stages in fear of wall collapse as we were not able to pre drill, a portable shoring frame was used for human safety whilst we were drilling and placing Soldier beams.  Treated sleepers were used for lagging.

Client: Privet client M .Walden.

Shoring and Underpinning



Mining Project

Stripping of overburden for Sarajii mine Queensland, Scrapers on a contract hire basis.

Client: Sarajii Mine

Mining Project

Bulk removal of rock and earth, Wallerawang NSW.

Client: Wallerawang Power Station